Vidya is a Digital Information Repository which consists of vast resource of information available on the World Wide Web. Vidya arouse from the ever mounting necessity for quality learning or teaching materials, tutorials and lecture notes from some of the most reputed universities and research centres around the globe. The learning materials are made available through an intranet server to the campus community on the campus network. The impact of using a digital information system like Vidya, became visible very soon. Now the learning@ Amrita is, unlike many other learning destinations, not confined to the text books and the walls of the classroom and people in the campus.

Vidya contains  nearly 4 Tera Bytes( 4000GB) of organized information on over 20 different areas including multimedia rich learning objects comprising of Video/ Audio lectures/ Documentaries ( Over 5000 Hours) from around the world made available on the campus network through Streaming and On-demand mode. This effort on Selective Dissemination of Information gathered momentum with the release of MIT-OCW and is perhaps the first institution in the nation to implement a local repository of selected material from MIT-OCW and integrate it into the teaching platform. VIDYA archive is built not just to aid the teaching and learning process at Amrita, it is built envisaging the vital need to inculcate inter-disciplinary approach, open new vistas of exploration through learning from the masters across the globe. While the principal emphasis was on Engineering/ Science and Technology all efforts have been made to incorporate the best of Management Studies and Humanities as well adhering to the Educational Fair use Regulations.

Currently the E-books archive of Vidya hosts over 92,000 e-books and work is well underway to deploy an enterprise search to index this collection. Recently the entire Video/ Audio lectures collection is ported to D-Space and mapped VIDYA content to the Engineering Syllabus. In 2005 VIDYA was presented in the International Conference ACDL 2005.