Amrita University Management System is developed by one of university’s sister concern – Amrita Technologies and is a world-class university management and e-learning platform. It is web based and very effective for the management of learning services. Amrita UMS develops and supports all the major university-wide administrative and learning management systems.

Amrita UMS primarily helps in the development, implementation and maintenance of essential university administrative systems. Amritavidya practically covers the entire area of operations of the university. The system not only helps in daily operations of the university, but also provides the foundation to foster research and development on e-learning methodologies. Amritavidya is aided with user-friendly reports and ergonomic user-interface and thereby ensuring maximum user efficiency. It provides a comprehensive and innovative system for the effective management of content, learning, and assessment services. The main focus area is on the integration of learning management system and university administrative applications.
An underlying characteristic of Amritavidya is the use of open source technologies that can substantially reduce costs, adopting varied processes for better care and improved operational efficiencies, and use of reporting and analysis tools to support administration and decision making. The UMS security services provides access to administrative systems as well as to other systems and protects these resources from unauthorized use, destruction, disclosure, or modification. To fulfill this mission, UMS continually updates its security strategy, making use of new security technologies and securing new systems and data against new threats.

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