Amrita Mail

mail-1Every faculty, student and alumni owns an e-mail account, which enables them to access  mails from any computer in the campus and Staff members can access the web mail even on the public network as well. Spam control utilities and virus scanners are in place to ensure security constraints. Mailing lists are used to make the messaging still more effective and easy.

Students can make use of the students-mail for academic purposes and can be authenticated with the respective campus-wide login credentials. Everybody should change the password after the initial login by clicking on ‘Preferences’ -> ‘Change Password’ choice.

Note: – (for novice users) your mail account is having an independent authentication i.e. you can give different password for your mail account. In other words, you have to change the mail password separately.


The mail client works in two modes; one is a basic mode and the other one being an advanced mode. The basic mode is a pure HTML client with limited features which focuses on the remote users where as an advanced mode with AJAX client focuses on the internal users only. The mail client supports email, group calendars and document sharing using an Ajax web interface that enables the users to have tool tips, drag-and-drop items, and right-click menus in the UI.

The number of unsolicited e-mail messages – commonly referred to as “spam” – has grown dramatically over the last few years.  The volume of Spam being generated is in huge amount. The university enlists third party solutions like Gateway Anti Virus (GAV) and Spam filter to address it. The software evaluates each individual message based on a complex set of rules and assigns values based on a number of criteria. Beside this, physical security measures are also taken care. The email server runs in a highly-available cluster environment with a daily back-up facility.